Set multiple pattern shapes for a single trace?

With go.Bar() I can set a pattern shape for the entire series, which is great! But I’m wondering if I can set the pattern shape for each of the bars in the series?

Say I have 3 data points (bars), I’d like the first and second bars to be solid, but the 3rd bar to be striped (pattern_shape='/'). Is this doable?

Hi @shwiftyRick,

this might be possible, but I’m not sure. Could you provide some sample code and data?

Surely. I am following this example at Patterns, hatching, texture in Python

What I’d like to do is set two different marker_pattern_shapes for trace 0. So the blue bar in a would have marker_pattern_shape="." but the blue bar in b would have marker_pattern_shape="/".

If I were setting different colors, I could do:

fig.add_trace(go.Bar(x=['a', 'b'], y=[1,2], marker_color=['brown', 'black']), for example. I was hoping that I could analogously do something like marker_pattern_shape=['.', '/'], but it doesn’t appear that I can do that.