Set dpi for static png export

I am using plotly offline free version in an ipython notebook and wish to export my graphs to a static image for puplication.

If i am not mistaken, the free version limits me to .png

Here I would need to set the dpi to 300 as lower resolution won’t be accepted by some journals.

How can I do so?
Thanks and cheers, Kai

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Unfortunately, there is no way to set the dpi in offline mode at the moment. We hope to add that option at some point.

In the meantime, I’d recommend increasing the size of your graph (i.e layout['width'] and layout['height']), generate the png and then scale down the figure in your publication or using image utility tool.

Hi etienne,

I was hoping for a more direct way, but That should solve my problem, thanks!

@etienne going the route you suggest causes a slew of other issues with the formatting for me. eg. how do I adjust the line width of annotation arrows and change the font size of polar axes labels?


You need scale parameter. See my answer in stackoverflow.