Set Angularaxis ticks

I am trying to create a wind rose plot, but I want to show every angular tick, so for example in the pre-made example, I would get the values from trace1, t=[‘North’, ‘N-E’, ‘East’, ‘S-E’, ‘South’, ‘S-W’, ‘West’, ‘N-W’]

The default behavior is to only show some ticks (here it will show North, East, South, West, but if more ticks are added to the list it will show some percentage of those ticks).

How do I get it to actually display all ticks so that each slice of the pie has a label? It doesn’t seem like the angularaxis object has an attribute for this and it is driving me crazy.


You can check attributes for polar charts here:

I have the same problem and I cannot see any attribute in the reference section that let us show the missing ticks.

Just wanted to add that I’m having the same problem. I also can’t seem to change the title font on my Wind Rose chart,