Serve static files located on Google's Cloud Storage

I have static files that include images stored in a Cloud Storage bucket on GCP. It includes a .png file as well as a favicon.ico file. I would like to use both of these files in my Dash app.

Rather than having an assets directory that has a copy of these images, I’d like the Dash app to point to the already existing files (ie. if I update them, I only have to update them in one spot).

This documentation seems like the closest thing to a solution, but I have not been able to get it to work. I tried setting assets_external_path to the below URLs.

The URL to my static files in GCP looks like this:[BUCKET NAME]/images/favicon.ico

When this didn’t work, I adjusted the path to be:[BUCKET NAME]/assets/favicon.ico

but still nothing. I am getting this error message in both instances:

WARNING: dev bundles requested with serve_locally=False.
This is not supported, switching to serve_locally=True