Separate Animations and Slider Data in One Plots

Is it possible to have animation frames completely different data and type from slider traces? I can make both of them separately and they work but then I put them together it animations don’t work. The selected trace from slider just blink as if they’re updating but don’t change.

I’m pretty much following the example graphs. Would love for a simple example or guide.

Hi @lordlycastle,

Here’s an example of a slider invoking animated transitions between frames (

Hope that helps!

Already seen that. That’s not what I want. I want separate data for animations and sliders.

I don’t think you’ll be able to do this with the built in sliders and animation frames. You could take a look at using FigureWidget+ipywidgets if you’re working in the Jupyter Notebook (See “Context Manager for Animations” section at or Dash if you want a stand alone web app (See 📣 Exploring a "Transitions" API for dcc.Graph for initial work on adding animated transitions to Dash).