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Selecting either one Input Callback or another, but not both

Hello, all. So I am a beginner with Dash, but am experimenting with it and learning a lot. One thing I have not found an introduction to (if I did not miss it) is how to manage multiple callbacks that are exclusive to each other, as in, if callback ‘A’ is running, then callback ‘B’ is greyed-out until the user resets the former, and vice versa.

For ex., I would like to dynamically output a graph utilizing data either from 1) a text box that queries your string to an online service for it, or 2) an offline file that will uploaded. Callbacks for both are simple, but how can I set-up this ‘either-or’ relationship, or should I have one giant callback and somehow manage this from within?

I would appreciate any help on best practices for this matter.