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Selecting bars while hovering in Python Dash

Hello! I have a scatter bar chart in Dash. I want select (by color, or fill or border) bars with same names while hovering (or clicking). How can I do it?

Hi @andy_111 welcome to the forum! Did you already take a look at the interactive graphing tutorial ?

You can use the hoverData property of a dcc.Graph to trigger a callback. That said, I don’t understand what is a “scatter bar chart” and what kind of selection you want to make, so please give more details if you need more help!

Hello! I use option barmode=‘stack’ in layout settings. In stack graph I have few bar charts with some names. If i click on bar with name=“name1”, i want to see selected all bars with name=“name1”. They can selected for example by color, fill or border.

You can see screenshot from another program. On left side you can see source graph, on right side you can see one bar, selected after mouse hover.