Selected rows after filtering

I have a DataTable that can be filtered by drop-down boxes. If I select a row and then change the value in the drop-down box, the selected row stays the same even though the row data has changed. (example: row selected is row 4, after changing a drop-down value the row selected is still 4, but that has new data. The actual data for row 4 is not listed now. That creates confusion.) Is there anyway to have the selected row stay with the data on that row? Preferably not by a callback, because that will in turn fire many other callbacks.

Hello, could you please share a minimal and standalone (with dummy data) example showing what you’re doing, and which behaviour you owuld like to have instead? Thanks!

I am trying to strip out all the other components to provide a minimal example. Basically I am wanting the selected row to follow the data after sorting and filtering. Currently the selected row does not change after sorting and filtering, but the data does.