Select and modify all cells in a datatable column

I am trying to allow the user to select all cells in a column and modify them at once using a Dash datatable. Is this possible?

Any help is greatly appreciated; thank you!

HI @Chris7, could you perhaps add some more information?

Hi @AIMPED, if I wanted to modify every cell in the column “Number of Solar Plants” found in the datatable overview documentation, how would one do this?

You can set editable=True to modify a single cell. You can select multiple cells with ctrl + left click or shift + left click; however, the active_cell property will only get a single clicked cell and not all selected. Another way to phrase the question is, how would one change multiple cells (selected cells or an entire column) to the same value?

HI @Chris7 you can check for the active cell and extract the corresponding column data. This topic deals with row data, but it’s the same concept:

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