Scatterplot offline using Python

My data is split into four variables in a tab delimited file with the headings being: Accession number, year, dist and cluster number.
My code currently reads:
plotly.offline.plot({“data”:[Scatter(x=years, y=dists, mode=“markers”, marker=dict(color=clusters,
colorscale=‘Rainbow’, size=8),text=accs)],“layout”:Layout(title=“Dengue Virus”, hovermode=“closest”,
xaxis=dict(title=“Time(years)”), yaxis=dict(title=“root-to-tip divergence”))})

I want to color each cluster. However there are 27 clusters and colors are being recycled. Therefore I thought of making my own list of rgb colors. However I am not sure of the syntax.
colorscale=[[‘rgb(255,0,0)’]…]no change in generated scatterplot
cList=[‘rgb(255,0,0)’,…] and placed this instead of ‘Rainbow’. No change either.

Any help would be much appreciated.