Scattermapbox resize issues

Thanks for the hint. I have tried it, but that didn’t work for me.
It however solved another problem I had with a graph that was squeezed the same way somehow (graphs and mapbox seems to confuse the size they have been attributed somehow, unless you force the refresh by adding a hidden empty div. But this is another problem I believe).

The final problem of using the visibility is that the element is still present, so this may impact all the element around when you try to insert toggle to switch between one type of graph or another.

That could be a new dash feature actually, some sort of toggle div, that can show either one thing or another depending on the status. It is quite similar to tabs, so that might be feasible as well to modify the tabs component.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!

Hey, I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I also have a button that show’s and hides a mapbox graph and am facing a similar issue to you where upon re-display, the mapbox size changes. How did you use a hidden div to get around this?

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