Scattergeo plots with discrete/categorical variable driving colors

Hi, we need to be able to provide a categorical (text) column as the property for ‘color’ in scatterplot (namely scatterGeo). Note that this is a basic capability of most viz packages today. Do you plan on adding this anytime soon?
I am surprised there isn’t more feedback/issue request activity around this…


Just want to add - inserting all unique values of the string as separate traces is highly unweildy. end goal is to allow user to specify through radio buttons which variable will be used for coloring, so color = x, where x is a passed parameter to the function.

Hi @datadrinkr,

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Thanks - not exactly related though. I wish I could contribute actually. However my expertise level and time constraints make me a user only at this point. Would appreciate any progress that can be made on this. My point is just that this is truly a core capability and I believe should be prioritized.