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Scatter Plot Trendline not Aligned

I’m having issues with a scatter plot where the trendline is not showing. Well, it does show but it’s dates are all in 1970 so therefor it’s not aligned with my x_axis.

is generated from

    fig = px.scatter(
        # range_x=[start_date, end_date],
        title=f"{DUTModel} | Acceptable Frame Loss 0.5% | 1000 Flows BiDi",
            "CorrectedLoad": "Throughput (Mbps)",
            "TestTime": "Test Timestamp",
            "SoftwareVersion": "Software Version"

You can see the marks on the far left of the plot which is the lowess plot. Disregard the horizontal bar as that is an unrelated line I’ve added that I did temporally remove for testing with no change in the lowess result.

When I uncomment the x_axis line I get this chart which is really where I want the lowess line to be plotted.

I’ve just fixed this bug and you’ll be able to use the repaired code in a few days when Plotly.py 4.8.2 comes out.