Scatter_mapbox 3rd Party Vector Tiles with API Key


I would like to know:

  • Does plotly (python) support access of 3rd party vector tilesets that required an API?

I am able to successfully import Mapbox styles using Python
I am also able to successfully reproduce the example shown here to import the vector tiles from USGS (they do not require an API key).
What I am not having any success with is accessing 3rd party vector tiles that require an API to access.
Here is what I have done:

  • I have a 3rd party vector tile source that follows the Mapbox GL JS syntax.
  • I have written the code to update_layout in plotly scatter_mapbox
    So far I am not able to see a succesfull connection between my browser and the 3rd party vector tileset server.

Thank you for your help.