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Scaling bars without title

Hi all,

It seems as though when you use the layout to resize a graph, it resizes the entire graph with all its underlying elements (aka the title, legend, etc.). There doesn’t seem to be an option to resize the graphic elements to take up the whole SVG; aka when I resize a graph to say 500px wide by 250px tall without a title element, the bars only go up about a third of the way since there is a bunch of space saved for the title.

Is there a way to specify the height/width of the chart area?

Thanks in advance. If you need the code/screenshots, let me know.


Try editing the margin of the graph, that’ll remove the extra white space on the top of the graph

Boom! Success! Thanks. I had tried passing in margin arguments (‘l’,‘r’,‘b’,‘t’) directly instead of as a dict inside margin: {}, obviously to no avail. Is working now. Thanks for the swift response!