Scale Radio buttons with increasing width of Sankey diagram

Hello Dash Community,

I apologize if my question is stupid or inappropriate.

I have a Sankey diagram, whose layout is controlled by plotly`s update menus. I also have radio buttons below this Sankey diagram which update the color scheme of the Sankey diagram through Dash callback.

I have a small issue, that when I scale (increase the width of Sankey, using updatemenus button), I also want to scale the radio buttons below it, but since radio buttons are part of Dash, and Sankey diagram is created and updated through Plotly, I haven`t found a way to link both.
What should be my approach, should I use Dash buttons, and then update layout of Sankey through callback? Then I will have to position Radio buttons manually for new layout (different combinations of Sankey width, and positions of Radio button)?

Or is there a better/simpler way?

I`m attaching the figure below, and all I want is, when I increase width of Sankey diagram, I also want to adjust position of Radio buttons.