Saving dash layout to HTML


I plotted a bunch of things in a dash layout. I want to save them to an html file so I can look at them later. when I reopen the saved html file, I first see everything correctly. However, within <1s, the page goes blank and I get an error: “Error loading layout” (see gif here:

How can this be fixed?


Hi guys, this answer on stackoverflow helped my understand more why basic saving does not work. However, is there a good way to save dash layouts? I do scientific computing, and its really important for me to save my results. Currently I just rely on taking screenshots, but it would be great to have a better way to save the layout, preferably from the browser.


Are you looking to save, and then reload the dash app (in dash) or just save to a file and reload as basic html? For some layouts, we’re looking to solve this problem with serverless, client-side dash apps here: Clientside Callbacks · Issue #266 · plotly/dash · GitHub