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Save the app state - feature request

I have an app with multiple drop-downs and with multiple inputs which in turn access some underlying dynamic values and outputs different results.

At present I have provided a refresh button which will access the underlying dynamic values again & refreshes the output. So far so good.

But when the user closes the window, the state is lost & have to re-select from drop-downs & input values etc to again get the result. Basically re-do everything all over.

My request is for Dash to have the ability to save the state using some form of id/token etc where user can comeback & resume from the last state.

@chriddyp , hope i’m not asking for the moon.

Thanks again for this wonderful platform.

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This was considered when designing dash and is on the roadmap. I’ll keep this issue updated when I make progress on this.


+1 this would definitely be useful!

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Would love to know if there is an update on this. Thanks @chriddyp

There are no updates on this. If you or your company would like us to prioritize this work through a sponsorship, please reach out: