Running dash inside Flask but this time dynamically change the layout

My webpages use python to call Flask which renders templates and sends them to the server. Those templates include plotly.js and life is good. Depending on the user activity, templates get updated, etc and plotly refreshes the charts. All perfect.

But now I want to add more interactivity, callbacks between different graphs, etc. Perfect for Dash.

I’m able to run Dash from inside Flask following the documentation by creating dash_app=Dash(…server=app) and returning dash_app.server back to the app, so gives the Flask/plotly stuff with no change and gives the dash pages. All works (although I’m confused that I am starting everything with not app.run_server().

Problem is I don’t know my layout yet. I want to be able to dynamically update the dash pages in the same way I do now with the Flask templates. For example, let’s have the dash page say "Hello {{ name }} " where name is g.user. Any suggestions?