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Run Function/Program on Button Click


I am trying to use Dash to create an interactive dashboard that takes user input and then utilizes this input in a function. To better explain, I would like to provide users with a form in which they can input real estate information. Once they hit the submit button, I would like to utilize the user input as input for a function that will collect additional information on their real estate from the internet and other sources and then use this data to create graphs on other tabs of my dashboard.

I am having trouble understanding if this is even possible after a few hours of searching or how I would even do it.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.



The example for the Button component in the Dash core components page should contain a nice starter for what you described :

For tutorials and quick start up about dash I would recommand

Thanks for the quick reply. This helps, but I am still quite confused on as to how I would initiate my other function (written in python) on the press of the button. For instance, I see how the button will take input and return an output, but it seems that that output needs to be already stored. What I am aiming to do is use the button to take the input, push that through to the function, run the function which will return output based on the input, and then I want to graph the returned data on another tab. Is this possible?


could you provide me with your layout code? This will help me helping you :slight_smile: