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Reverse scatter3d plot

I have created a 3d line plot. Is there a way to reverse the axes so 0 is at the top instead of bottom?

I have tried:

  • set range[max, min] on the different axes.
  • use autorange: ‘reversed’
  • reverse the input data

I manage to flip the axes, but then the graph disappears.

Here is my config:
const trace1 = {
mode: ‘lines’,
marker: {
color: ‘#1f77b4’,
size: 12,
symbol: ‘circle’,
line: {
color: ‘rgb(0,0,0)’,
width: 0
line: {
color: ‘#ffa000’,
width: 10,
type: ‘scatter3d’

const data = [trace1];
const layout = {
  autosize: false,
  width: 755,
  height: 490,
  margin: {
    l: 0,
    r: 0,
    b: 0,
    t: 0,
  scene: {
    xaxis: {
      title: 'x', 
    yaxis: {
      title: 'y', 
    zaxis: {
      title: 'z',



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