Restyle line with array of colors

Let’s say we have a trace defined by a line (no markers) including gaps. Is it possible to restyle this trace in order to apply differents colors (separated by each gaps) ?

Example: x-values: [ 0, 10, gap, 20, 30 ] → color the line with red color from 0 to 10, then blue color from 20 to 30

I have tried applying a color array (as I do with markers colors) but it didn’t work.

Any hint will help. Thanks.

EDIT: For information, I am using Plotly.js, and I am trying to ‘highlight’ a part of a line (coloring it was one way to do it)

Unfortunately, no. line.color can only be set to a string at the moment.

You’ll have to split your data into multiple traces to achieved the desired results.

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