Restrict date picker range dates

Hello folks,

I have been using the Date picker Range component to allow the user to select dates within the last 30 days.
I am using this input to filter my dataframe which has a Datetime column. This works as expected with no issues at all.

However…in my use case, the data I have consists a large number of columns (a niche use case - ranging from 200 to 2000 columns) and this poses a valid issue that the browser cannot handle so around 30-50MB of data to be displayed using either a bar graph or heatmap. A work around this problem is to select no more than 10 dates at any given time within the last 30 dates.

Hence, is there a way to restrict the user to pick only the last 10 dates within the calendar although they can go back to the last 30 dates?


P.S - I :heart: what you have been doing and its really helping solve LARGE data visualisation problems that off-the-shelf tools cannot handle