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[Resolved] Possible Number of Y Axes and Naming Structure

After looking through the examples, Plotly is designed for multiple axes. Questions:

  • How many axes can Plotly have?
  • Do the axis names have to be sequential (‘y3’->‘yaxis3’,‘y4’->‘yaxis4’,‘y5’->‘yaxis5’,…,‘yN’->‘yaxisN’) or can they have a different structure (‘y71’->‘yaxis71’, ‘y404’->‘yaxis404’, ‘y320’->‘yaxis320’, …, ‘yXYZ’->‘yaxisXYZ’)?

I’m attempting to overlay N plots dynamically and an error appears where the same plot is overlayed twice but shifted. I’m attempting to get a working CodePen of the issue. I’ve tracked the issue down to having multiple Plotly axes.

I created a separate topic for my issue here.

I’d say around 100 for reasonable performance on most hardware.

You don’t have to provide them in sequential order, but we’ll always plot them in order with x first, x2 all the way to x${N}.

Thank you for answering my questions!
As a side note, I did notice that Plotly had an issue if the number started with a zero (yaxis0123).

Yes, those aren’t valid. Plotly axis names are xaxis, xaxis2, xaxis3, …