[Resolved] Marker Symbol: Gradient for Scatter Plot

For a scatter plot, is there a way to create the marker symbol with a gradient? Something like this:

Yes: https://rreusser.github.io/plotly-mock-viewer/#bubblechart

Open up the console to see the corresponding data attributes.

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Thank you, that’s a great resource!

Is there a way to control how fast the gradient shifts from one color to the other?

Not at the moment, marker gradients have two available settings:

Hi to all,

I just tried to add to my data object a gradient information but it doesn’t do anything.
I have the 1.35 version.
What’s wrong ???

Thanks a lot for your help!

This is my data object:

data = {
x: x,
y: y,
z: z,
mode: “markers”,
opacity: 0.8,
marker: {
// size: settingsState.size,
size: size,
color: arrayColorFromGradient,
symbol: “circle”,
gradient: {
type: ‘radial’,
color: '#fff
fill: ‘none’,
hoverlabel: {
bgcolor: arrayColorFromGradient
type: “scatter3d”,