Resize Plot on Display Change

I am having trouble regarding how to have a plot resize when the display of its parent changes from none to block.

The setup is such that my plot is in one tab in my app and another tab has parameters that allow a second plot to be drawn on the first tab. As the first tab has display:none when the user is on the second tab, the plot that is being drawn is very small (I have autosize set to true).

However when the user returns to the first tab, the div becomes display:block but the plot does not resize to fill that div unless the window is changed.

Is there anyways to have the plot resize on display change.

This app is using React and the associated plotly library. If there is no way to track a display change with plotly.js, is there some way to trigger a resize manually on the Plot element in react.

Hey, we are experiencing the exact same issue.

Did you manage to solve it?