Remove the "Loading ..." when app starts

Hi all

Is there any way to remove the “Loading …” that comes when running dash in page loading?

Hello @monitorcasalab,

I believe that there are couple of these questions on the forums. You can use the search feature to help find this answer.

I think the only way is to use a css style sheet for it.

In the past I have inspected the http event-response pairs for my dashboards. When looking through them, I see that in the initial response, the server responds with an html page. The page includes:

<div class="_dash-loading">

Maybe if you change the content of this class you might be able to change the things that shows during loading of the dash page (disclaimer, I didn’t try it myself)

Hi @monitorcasalab you are not referring to the “Loading…” which is shown in the tab, right?

I refer to the temporary content shown in the page itself

As already mentioned by @jinnyzor and @monitorcasalab you can use css for this. I used this to show a spinner instead of the “Loading…”:

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