Remove all borders from DataTables


Is there a way to remove all borders from DataTables? I’m using style_as_list_view=True, which takes care of all vertical lines, but is there a way to remove/change color of the horizontal lines as well?


I tried passing ‘border’:none, ‘borderColor’:‘transparent’, ‘borderColor’:‘rgb(x, y, z)’ as part of style_cell and style_table options but the horizontal lines are still there.

table.DataTable(id='player_profile2', columns=[{'name': 'name', 'id': 'name'}, {'name': 'team', 'id': 'team'}, 
                                                                                        {'name': 'total_xg', 'id': 'total_xg'}, {'name': 'shots', 'id': 'shots'}],
                                                        style_cell={'font-size':'2.5vh', 'fontFamily':'Bebas Neue', 'height':'4vh', 'color': 'rgb(180, 180, 180)', 'backgroundColor': 'rgb(57, 57, 57)'},

I am trying to do the same thing. Has anyone had any success?

Try using style_data = [{'border': 'none'}]