Reload the dataframe

I read all my data of a hdf file in a pandaas dataframe and then build the graphs. But in the hdf file some data will be added automatically and I need reload the page or smth of this art in order to update the graph.

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Live updates work to update the graphs. I want to reload the dataframe which contains all the data so that the new data will be read.

When do you need the DataFrame to be reloaded? And does it matter which user reloads it?

If it doesn’t matter when/who triggers a reload, then the DataFrame could be made a global, and you could either reload and update the global attribute during a callback function, or during a function that returns the layout of your app (ie on page load), and which is assigned to be the Dash instance’s layout.

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I used the case file system to call again the function with the new data after a time out.

Hi nedned
Could you give an example on this please? I’m in the same case