relayoutData doesn't give time range

I tried to adapt this example " " to my code. But the difference is my x axis is in time series.
“relayoutData” doesn’t give time range, instead it gives xaxis coords.
How can I get time range with relayoutData

@doga - My guess is that the relayout data is in the “milliseconds since 1970”. You’ll have to convert it back to your date format with something like

import datetime
ms_since_1970 = 1284286794000
datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(ms_since_1970 / 1000.0)
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thank you for your interest.
After the mail I sent. I tried Dash. But couldn’t solve the problem.
my new position is like this.

my xaxis in time series from 1900 to 2017.
I created the graph normally pandas time series . It looks OK.
when I select a any particular time range, . xaxis changes dynamically by plotly. It is still OK.
I just want to get min and max dates as value in code.
Say, I select time range between 1.1.1980 to 1.1.1985
in python code:

(probably in Dash callback with relayoutData event)
min= ??? # how can I get 1.1.1980 here ?
max=??? #1.1.1985

kind regards