Refresh text after click and manipulate data


I am new to Plotly Dash (Python) and to this forum. My question might be wrngly asked or naive, so please guide me in the right dirction is thats the case.

In my IDE, I have a dataframe with a few hundred short texts. What I would like to do is to create an interface in which users see one piece of text per time and give their binary input and this needs to be saved in a new column/dataframe. Then, after they have given the input, a new short text will show for which they are asked to give their binary input again. These steps continue until all texts have been read.

Since I am new to Dash, I don’t know:

  • if this is possible
  • what type of functions I need to look for
  • how to write the code for this, at all

Any answer that gets me closer to implementation is welcome.