Recovering data from plotly graph html file - help :)

I am a user of Plotly/Dash and have developed a dash app to monitor environmental data to predict groundwater levels and flood risk for our community ( Unfortunately a NAS device was encrypted by ransomware and I have lost access to some critical environmental data - I have the data as interactive dash/plotly graphs in HTML format and would like to know if it is possible to extract raw numbers back from these files.

If anyone has experience of doing this and can help, or have any practical suggestions I would be REALLY grateful :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading


Hey Dave, the HTML file should contain all the data that was plotted, in JSON format. It should be possible to parse it with python and retrieve the data available in the traces.
I’d suggest you open the file with a code/text editor to see where that data is. You could extract it manually or use python (for instance) to do it.

Thanks very much - I looked and the data seems to be in one very long line (over 2 million character long). It is a stacked plot with 8 variables and the data line is so long it is hard even to scroll across it! Not familiar with JSON parsing, if anyone has code that can be adapted…? But I’ll do my research… :slight_smile: