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Recommended way for Integration tests using java/selenium or any other tool

Need to test the plotly line chart, scatter chart, spider chart etc created using plotly.js using any automation framework/tools. Following are the targeted verifications:

  1. Get data points (markers) count
  2. Get each data point (marker) value
  3. Get data points css
  4. Get legends css
  5. Handling out of the box action header items
  6. Zoom in/out

With selenium, I can’t see data points (markers) in DOM.

Can anyone please help in this aspect to how to automate charts here?

Facing the same issue, neetigya. Any solution found?

.mouseMove(element(by.css(’.drag.nsewdrag.cursor-crosshair’)).getWebElement(), {x: 261, y: 329})
.mouseMove(element(by.css(’.drag.nsewdrag.cursor-crosshair’)).getWebElement(), {x: 633, y: 457}) // Initial move to trigger drag start
// .mouseMove(endPoint.getWebElement())

This helps me with zooming. im using protractor