Read slope of graph

Please excuse the lack of sufficient math skills. I’m trying to figure out how to read a graph with plotly to know what the slope is. I’m looking to see how close the slope is to 1:1 for a trigger.


Hi @david.ward, your question is about math rather than Plotly. A quick Google search will let you know how to get the slope of a line. (between two points, slope = vertical distance/horizontal distance).

Now if you wish to compute the slope using Python, then you might want to ask your question on Stackoverflow.

Thanks for the reply that may be. I am looking for the “overall” slope of the line. In this case it’s a perfect slope, but normally it deviates some. I think I’m looking for something like the “average” slope of the line. Then…I’m looking for how to measure how big and how many deviations there are from the average slope.