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Rangeslider autoscale on yaxis

So i was looking at forum, but unfortunatelly didn’t find any solution to my issue, maybe someone smarther than me find something relevant.
My issue is:

I have a rangeslider

'layout': go.Layout(xaxis=dict(
                    dict(count=1, label='1 day', step='day', stepmode='backward'),
                    dict(count=7, label='1 week', step='day', stepmode='backward'),
                    dict(count=1, label='1 month', step='month', stepmode='backward'),
            rangeslider=dict(), type='date'
        ), yaxis={'autorange': True}

it’s not autoscale as you can see from image, is there any solution to this?

so, anyone has a solution for this maybe?

have you found a solution? I have the same problem too