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Rangebreaks with bounds and values show overlapping candlesticks

Was trying to plot a candlestick for a period of time using python lib, and encountered this issue that I don’t know how to resolve. Would appreciate any help.

Below is code:

            dict(pattern='hour', bounds=[16, 9.5]),  #hide after hours
            dict(bounds=["sat", "mon"]),  #hide weekends
            dict(values=["2020-09-07"])  # hide US labor day (monday)

The candlesticks (in 30m) overlap between [“2020-09-01 11:30”, “2020-09-04 15:30”] and [“2020-09-08 9:30”, “2020-09-11 13:30”].

Btw, the 1day candlesticks seem good. No gap or overlaps.

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