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Range selector on x axis seems to break when using multiple y axes

Modeled after this example but with a second y axis. Second y axis displays just fine, but when I try to add the range selector to the x axis, I get a console error. Any ideas?

Here’s a simplified example with the rangeselector bit commented out:

Range selectors are only support on 'x' of type 'date' at the moment (ref). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Crud, I posted an old fiddle. I understand that range selectors need date formats. I think I’m doing this right here?

@ajzeigert your fiddle should work. Looks like you discovered a bug. I’m working on a fix right now. Thanks for reporting.

@ajzeigert PR made:

This fix will be part of the next release (plotly.js 1.17.0)

Nice to know I wasn’t going crazy! Thanks for the fix.

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