Range breaks on specific dates causing time series to overlap

I am attempting to use rangebreaks to remove weekends, non-trading hours (UTC) and some specific dates. I have successfully been removing weekends and non-trading hours but am having trouble when adding some specific dates. Below is an example of before / after adding the dates. The time series starts to overlap itself. The first picture works properly using the below code to remove weekends and non-trading hours, but when I add the two dates to remove it looks like the lower picture where the time series starts overlapping itself.

Has anyone seen this or can help? Thanks!

Looks like this is a common issue and has been asked about before but it did not get any answers. Hoping this post will find someone who’s encountered it.

    # dict(values=["2023-03-14", "2023-03-15"]),       # Line that causes the overlap
    dict(bounds=[20, 13.5], pattern="hour"), 
    dict(bounds=["sat", "mon"]),

Update: A conversation about this issue is going on in another thread here.