[Question] Two sliders on a single scatter plot : Is it possible?

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I need to implement several sliders to control opacity of points depending on the class they belong.

For example, I have two classes : β€œA” or β€œB”.
I want to implement two different sliders : One who can change the opacity of points in the β€œA” class, and the second slider to change the opacity of points in the β€œB” class.

Is it possible with Plotly.js, or should I do otherwise ?

I’ve given a look to these topics : Two slide control in one chart
Two slides to control two charts, but I wondered if there were any updates since.

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Here’s how: https://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/YzPoOOB

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Thank you a lot for your response ! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to extend this such that two different sliders modify a single function?

For example, if the function is a line, I’d want to have one slider to modify its slope and another slider to modify its intercept.