Question regarding forced page upload

Dear all,
I have a question, I have a Dash app, it has 2 Python files, a Loader and the Dash server, basically the Loader uploades a CSV file and the other Dash Python app displays graphics about it, I pass the CSV file in the url request from Loader to the Dash server (the Loader produces an HTML anchor that links to the Dash server + url encoded file name and opens it in a new browser tab) I parse them in the Dash server app and voila.
The problem is that I noticed although I get the parameters early enough (from the debug info) before calling the charting function the app always displays the old CSV file unless you manually press the page refresh browser button.
I made a quick workaround by setting a refresh every 60 seconds using meta tag
app = dash.Dash(meta_tags=[
‘http-equiv’: ‘refresh’,
‘content’: ‘60’
Since I don’t like to refresh every 60 seconds Can you please show me how I can force only 1 page refresh from my Dash application?
Thank you in advance.