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Python executable cannot find default-schema.json

Hi all,

I’m using plotly to graph some CSV data. To distribute my program I use pyinstaller to convert it to an executable.

My program runs perfectly when I run the scripts with python, however when I bundle it into an executable with pyinstaller, I always get this error when trying to run the exe:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/TEMP/_MEIMnrdl1/plotly/package_data/default-schema.json’
Failed to execute script Grapher

When I do the exact same thing in Ubuntu using a VM, I get the EXACT SAME error. So it seems that pyinstaller is missing something and not bundling all the required plotly packages correctly.

Would love to fix this ASAP!


I used cxFreeze instead, writing the needed files explicitly in, that way it would include them.
Then I had to move the previously missing files into the correct directories within ‘exe.win32-3.5’ (generated by cxFreeze). All is working now.