Python Dashboard Automation.

I need help automating a Dash dashboard. I have a script with all the data processing, chart generation, layout, and callbacks for just one file that I have to import, and it generates the dashboard manually. I want to create a dashboard that does everything automated, where I have the option to import any file and it will read the file, process it, and generate the charts according to my code. Iโ€™m stuck on the callbacks part, having to create functions for all the processing. Iโ€™m not finding many examples on the web, and Iโ€™m going through the Plotly documentation, but itโ€™s been difficult. If anyone knows, has done this before, and can help me, I would appreciate it.

Hi @beatrizbuffon21 welcome to the forums.

An automation of any processes, specially any kind of documentation/visualization, makes sense, if the underlying data and/ or requirements are sufficiently similar. All the differences have to be covered by your code which you mention here.

I think to be able to help you, you would have to ask specific questions :upside_down_face: