PyCon Prague and Dash workshop invitation 15-17.9.2023

Hello Dash community!

I would like to invite you all to PyCon Czech Republic which will be hosted in my lovely Prague. There are a lot of great talks and workshops available. If we have some Czech and Slovak speaking members of community, this event is a great opportunity to enjoy some of them without language barrier (there are only 6 million Slovak speakers and 10 million Czech speakers around the entire globe!)

I am also happy that Dash will be present in an official program because I will be tutoring the workshop about Dash, DMC and DAG! Workshops will be on Sunday 17.9.2023. If there are Slovak or Czech speakers among you this is the great opportunity to learn about Dash, Mantine and AG Grid because I will be presenting in slovak language (official information in slovak). We will create a personal page to showcase your dash and python portfolio and we will cover everything from Dash basics, simple data apps, hosting your page on Render, building multipage personal page with Dash Mantine Components and we will dig a little bit into AG Grid.

If you will be present and would like to chat let me know! See you all


Thanks for sharing this @martin2097 . This is exciting and I’m sure a lot of people would benefit from your workshop.

Did they give you the exact day and time that you present?

Thank you Adam!

Good point, I should mention that. Workshops are in program on Sunday 17.9.2023. There are two blocks: morning and afternoon block so there are just these 2 options :slight_smile: . Workshop will be 3 hours long (it is the maximum available) and the capacity will be 24 people - registration for workshops will open 1 week prior the event.

I edited the date into original post and I will update the final time when it will be revealed.

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Hey @martin2097 How did the workshop go?

Hello @AnnMarieW!

Well that would be most importantly the question for participants but from my point of view it went good! The room was almost full, mostly beginners. We covered Dash basics, pages, created dashboard and simple pages using DMC, tried some reactivness and dark mode from DMC and at the end we uploaded to Render.

I created text materials that covera much more and I made them public for them som if they want to continue there is much more they can do :). Now I am working on setting up my page and then I would like to use this materials as a baseline for some tutorials I would like to publish in English and also in Slovak language.

Personally immediately after the workshop I knew what could be done better - since there are not many opportunities to work with such a diverse group I believe this is always the necessary outcome.

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Great! I’m looking forward to seeing the English versions :slightly_smiling_face:


hi @martin2097
I’m glad you got a big audience. Thank you for teaching people how to use Dash. Looking forward to the English version as well :slight_smile:

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