Px.scatter_mapbox update: hover right, but points wrong


I use px.scatter_mapbox, I plot some locations. I plot another component next to it and I want to update locations on the map based on the other component. I use a callback to do it. Here, I have an unusual problem. I create a new map component to replace the old one. I use a new set of locations, but the displayed map contains some weird permutation of the old ones. The most confusing is the fact that the hover function works well - according to the new (not plotted) locations.

Do you know how to solve it?


Hello @katterrina,

It’s really hard to say without being able to see your code?

Is it possible for you to post an MRE:

This might be a bug. Try using dash=2.6.2


Thank you so much! I spent hours trying to find a bug in my code and this helped!

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