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Px.choropleth with json - polygon not showing up

Hi all,
I have a CSV file with the following structure

cardodb_id,CONCELHO,LAT,LONG,DATA,INC 225,Abrantes,39.466667,-8.2,2020-03-25,1000

And a Json file with the following structure:

{"type":"FeatureCollection", "features": [ {"type":"Feature","geometry":{"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-8.163874,39.626553],[-8.164286,39.626686],[-8.165384,39.626633],[-8.166118,39.626575],[-8.166354,39.626534], *(...more coordinates)* , [-8.164167,39.626122],[-8.16397,39.626446],[-8.163874,39.626553]]]},"properties":{"cartodb_id":225,"id_2":225,"id_1":16,"id_0":182,"varname_2":null,"nl_name_2":null,"engtype_2":"Municipality","type_2":"Concelho","name_2":"Abrantes","name_1":"Santarém","name_0":"Portugal","iso":"PRT","split_id":"1"}} ]}

Both the CSV and the json file here are part of a larger set but this will do as an example

My code is as follows

python import json
with open('abrantes.json') as json_file:
    abr = json.load(json_file)

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv("abrantes.csv")

import plotly.express as px

fig = px.choropleth(df, geojson=abr, locations='cardodb_id', color='INC',
                           range_color=(0, 5000),


The end result is an empty map with the scale from 0 to 5000 on the right side, when I was expecting the polygon to be filled with the color correspondent to “INC”, i.e., “1000”.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance for all the help you can provide.