Proper Popup ColorPicker in Dash

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I’m probably overlooking something but I can’t find a good basic color picker in Dash.

Simply a ‘colored button’ (swatch) that pops up a ‘color-picker’ when clicked. The user picks a color, presses ok or cancel to validate or cancel.
The server gets notified ONLY if a color changes. (to hook-up the more useful callbacks)
Quite sure that I’ve seen this before in dash/plotly somewhere along the way.
There should be a simple sollution that simply pops up a window style colorpicker. But I can’t seem to find it anymore…

Important, I only want a callback when a color change is validated.
Avoiding annoying js scripts and/or other callbacks to do such a trivial and basic operation
Popping up the picker and browsing for color should be absolutely transparent (ie. without writing a single line of code).

The Daq picker is only a picker without button. It feels very sluggish (so slow it scares the sh*** out of me) and probably requires loads of useless callbacks and stuff to get basic functionality

The Mantine Color Picker seems better but it’s also only the picker… Without the button that pops up the picker.

Proper speed but no button (and no clue on how to implement in dash)

PrimeFace seems to have a lot of top-notch prestine tools
Their color popup is really sweet

Ok… I knew that I had seen it somewhere before…

Look no further. Bootstrap Input has a Color Type (around the middle of the page)

Proper , fast, headache proof implementation of a color picker

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