Problem with plotly 3d animation with ios 15.4

Ok, i don’t know where the problem comes from but my animation is working pretty well in every devices i tested except ios 15.4. It works well on android, windows, mac, etc.
But not on my Ipad wich has the 15.4.1 ios version and also in an Iphone with ios 15.4.
However, i tested it on Ipad with 14.7.1 and on Iphone with 14.2 (or something like that) and it worked.

Here’s the problem:

Here you can test the animation in this link:

I was wondering that am i able to fix it or is the probleme coming from plotly js / ios ?

Hi @Miraha

Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing this with us. This looks like a bug. Would you be willing to report this bug as an issue on our Plotly.JS repo?

I did it.

Also, i added that there’s no probleme with ios 15.5.

Thank you @Miraha . I also give my colleagues a heads-up.