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Problem with dash-datatable

while I am trying to display data from a csv file ,in dash , some of the values are highlighted with blue color , initially I thought , the csv file as the same format , which I was displaying in dash ,but I later I figured out the data has no bold or highlighted colors , can anyone help me out with this?

I can’t help but notice two things:

  • They look likes links/href
  • All the ‘link-like’ numbers are 10-digit long, with 3 or 4 digit before the ‘.’
  • However, not all of them that fit this description are blue

I have a few questions:

  • Can you click on those numbers? If so, what happens? 'Cause the look like link.
  • Which DataTable package are you using ? the recently released ‘dash-table’ or the old ‘dash-table-experiment’?
  • How do you create the DataTable from the CSV ? Use pandas to create dataframe from csv, then pass the dataframe’s rows in the DataTable ?

Thank you for your reply
Q1: When I click on these numbers , it shows a pop up window , I just click on the button , it automatically opens chrome,and these are not even links
Q2: I am using dash-table package version 3.1.6
Q3: I am exactly doing the same , reading the CSV file using pandas and assigned it to a variable , and using that variable name in data table

A CSV, by definition, does not contain any type of formating/styling. It’s raw data separated with ‘a separator’ (often ,). If you load the data in a DataFrame and then into a DataTable, it shouldn’t have any type of formating.

My initial guess would be that your browser has a plugin (or a local setting) that interprets some numbers as links/phonenumbers /IPs or something like that, and then decides to make them clickable.

Have you tried in opening the page in another browser? Does the same thing happen?

How to make a csv file interactive in dash , I mean suppose a csv file has 11 columns in it , each column has different data ,I want to select a particular row ,in that particular row ,the values are repeated ,like say for column 1 ,the data is 1,1,1,1,2,3,4 and for the next column ,i.e is column 2 ,the data is 1,2,3,4,5,6 here ,if I select the column 1 ,it must displays all the rows in the column ,and if I select one row in it ,it need to display all the rows of columns , is there any code of such kind , because I have done it in R shiny,before but when I want to replicate the same in python ,I am little confused and also can you tell ,there are any render info boxes for dash ,like that of R shiny