Problem with bar chart

I am having an issue with bar chart that I am trying to plot.
My data frame is
y = df[’ market '].value_counts()[:10].sort_values(ascending=False)
Software 4619
Biotechnology 3688
Mobile 1983
E-Commerce 1805
Curated Web 1655
Enterprise Software 1279
Health Care 1207
Clean Technology 1200
Games 1182
Hardware + Software 1081
Name: market , dtype: int64

When trying to plot this with below code:
fig_market = go.Figure()
fig_market.add_trace(go.Bar(x=df[’ market ‘], y=df[’ market '].value_counts()[:10].sort_values(ascending=False)))

You can see that the 2nd and 6th columns is showing a combined of two values, like a stacked bar chart.

Please help me solve this.