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Problem scattermapbox animations easing & transitions

Hello, I am working on a dashboard, where I want to make an animation in scattermapbox. Right now I got the frames working, but between the frames I want to add a transition and an easing function. Is this possible in scattermapbox?

Within the code this is how I try to animate the frames:

height = 700,
mapbox = {“style”: “carto-positron”,
“center”: {“lat”: 56, “lon”: 3},
“zoom”: 4,},
margin={“r”: 10, “t”: 10, “l”: 10, “b”: 10},
updatemenus = [dict(type=‘buttons’,
buttons = [dict(label = ‘Play’,
method = ‘animate’,
args = [None, dict(frame=dict(duration = 150),
transition = dict(duration=100,
fromcurrent = True,
dict(label = ‘Pause’,
method = ‘animate’,
args = [None, dict(frame =dict(duration = 0, redraw = False),
mode = ‘immediate’,
transition = dict(duration = 0))])

This topic suggests that it is not possible, since he states that using ‘transition’ and ‘easing’ only works for a scatter plot: